Following Rollons’ acquisition of Techno Centre in January, Rollon announce a new range of Linear Motion products that strengthen Rollon’s range in many fields, starting with the packaging industry. The new products were first exhibited at the Ipack-Ima international fair in Milan on the 19 – 23rd May. Among the most important products are the SYS1 and SYS2 type & the ZMC model of the Modline Z family.

The benefits on an actuator and a guide are combined into one product

Something between a linear guide and an actuator, the SYS model, of which two versions are available, offers the advantages of both solutions combined with great versatility of use. Its aluminium profile and carriage with bearings that characterise this product are usually operated by a rack and pinion system, creating a compact linear axis device, with excellent performance even on very long strokes.

However there can also be a different interpretation of this versatile system. Thanks to its aluminium profile, the SYS version without drive and with free carriage can be used effectively as a linear guide in all respects, but with a big advantage; it is in fact a self supporting system, which does not need to be mounted on any additional structure and can be used effectively in pick & place applications or automation, with advantages in terms of simplicity of design of the machines, surface preparation and installation. This directly reduces production costs for the machines it is used in, while providing a high-performance solution – this is ideal for fields such as packaging, where simplicity, speed and lightness are fundamental.

The SYS1 model with an external slider in available in all four rail sections; 50, 100, 130 and 180mm. The SYS2 model an internal is available in the 200mm rail section. The SYS model supports accelerations up to 2 m/s2 and a repeatability of +0.05mm.

An Actuator which allows the reduction of consumption and more compact units

The top solution of the Modline Z family of products, ZMC – an actuator for use with vertical toothed belt drive and ball bearing guides. It is characterised by a counterbalance system controlled by a pneumatic cylinder. This patented solution, placed inside the rail section of the actuator, eases the handling of heavy loads and makes is possible to use smaller motors, resulting in consumption and more compact units. Since it is located inside and near the axis of the system, it does not produce potentially burdensome internal torque/moments of force.

The ZMC linear axis is used in palletising and pick & place systems and is available in a single 105mm rail section. It supplies accelerations of up to 25m/s2 and a maximum repeatability of +0.05mm.


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