Rollon – Plus System ELMELM80---2-HD

The ELM Series has been designed to meet high load, high speed, and maximum acceleration conditions


The ELM series linear units are available in different sizes and allow designers and users an ideal choice for individual applications in terms of mass, speed and velocity.

The ELM Series linear units consist of a self-supporting aluminium profile and are available in two guide systems:

  • ELM…SP with a maintenance-free linear ball guide inside the aluminium profile
  • ELM…CI with four rollers with gothic-arch groove profile, guided via two hardened steel round rods embedded inside the aluminium profile

Drive is via a steel-reinforced polyurethane toothed belt with AT tooth profile. A polyurethane covering belt protects all inner mechanical components against dust and foreign matter.

The actuators use a steel enforced polyurethane drive belt with AT pitch and parabolic profiles. All internal mechanical parts are protected against dust and foreign contaminants by a polyurethane sealing strip.


  • High speed and acceleration
  • High load capacity
  • High permissible bending moments
  • Low friction
  • Long life
  • Low noise
  • Maintenance free operation


ELM SP  with ball bearing guides:

  • The linear ball bearing guide with high load and moment capacities is mounted on the ball bearing seat inside the base of the extrusion.
  • The carriage is assembled on two pre-loaded ball bearing blocks.
  • The four-ball row configuration enables the carriage to withstand loading evenly in the radial (normal) and lateral (transverse) directions.
  • The two blocks have seals on both ends and when necessary, an additional scraper can be fitted for very dusty conditions.
  • The ball bearing carriages of the SP versions are also fitted with a retention cage that eliminates “steel-steel” contacts between adjacent rotating elements and prevents misalignment of these in the circuits.
  • Lubrication reservoirs (pockets) installed on the front of the ball bearing blocks supply the right amount of lubricant, thus promoting maintenance-free operation.




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