Rollon – Plus System SC


The Plus System SC has been designed to meet high load, high speed, and maximum acceleration conditions


The SC series had been designed for use mainly as a vertical axis unit, taking advantage of the fact that the drive is fitted directly inside of the carriage (eliminating movement of the cables) and with the extruded body as the only mobile part.


  • High speed and acceleration
  • High load capacity
  • High permissible bending moments
  • Low friction
  • Long life
  • Low noise
  • Maintenance free

SC series with ball bearing guides:

  • Two ball bearing guides with high load capacities are mounted onto two seats on the outer sides of the aluminium body.
  • The carriage of the linear unit is assembled on four pre-loaded ball bearing blocks with engineered polymer retention cages.
  • The four ball-row configuration enables the carriage to withstand equal loading evenly in the radial (normal) and lateral (transverse) directions.
  • The four blocks have seals on both ends and, when necessary, an additional scraper can be fitted for very dirty or contaminated conditions.
  • Lubrication reservoirs (pockets) installed on the front of the ball bearing blocks supply the right amount of lubricant, promoting maintenance-free operation.




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