Rollon – Precision System

The Precision System is a rigid design suitable for a multi-axis system


The Precision System series of linear units are self-sustaining profile systems made of extruded aluminium and steel for the TK series, able to ensure excellent precision. The motion is achieved by means of precision rolled recirculating ball screws with preloaded or non preloaded ball nuts, depending on the models. Using the recirculating ball bearing technology for the screws and the rails ensures great performance to the linear actuatos.


  • High precision and high axial forces
  • High mechanical performance
  • Low wear and tear
  • Low resistance to movement
  • High speed (for long pitch screws)


The Precision System series consists of 4 distinct products with different features: TH, TT, TV, TK.


TH linear actuators are rigid and compact, ball screw driven linear units, enabling high positioning accuracy and repeatability in all process phases with optimal performance assured, with a repeatability within 5 µm.

Thrust force transmission is achieved by means of super high efficiency ball screws, which are available in several precision classes and a variety of leads. Linear motion is based on two or four preloaded re-circulating ball bearing blocks, with ball retainer technology, mounted on two precision aligned parallel rails. The TH series is available in the single carriage or double carriage versions to meet different load requirements.

The TH linear units also feature a safe rail and screw lubrication provided by a dedicated channel for each component. The incredibly compact structure of the TH actuator makes it the ideal solution for applications where space is scarce.


The TT is a linear actuator series mainly used for high accuracy positioning within a 10 µm range and precision repeatability within 5 µm. Manufactured using a very rigid extruded anodized aluminum base structure, this actuator series is designed for high loads and precise movements that are typically required in machine tools and other exacting machine design applications.

All mounting surfaces and reference datums have been produced to significantly reduce the deviations of pitch, yaw and roll along the entire stroke. The heavy duty carriage is driven by a C5 or C7 preloaded ball screw drive and the payload is supported by a system of four runner blocks mounted on two parallel linear guides. High speeds can be accomplished by specifying available super lead ball screw drivers.

The TT series contains all the necessary features and hardware to make multi-axis configurations and assembly easy. All TT units are 100% inspected and supplied with certificates of accuracy.


Linear units of the TV Series have a rigid anodized aluminum extrusion with square cross-section (rectangular in the case of TV 140), the transmission of motion is achieved by means of a precision C5 or C7 rolled ball screw drive.

The payload is supported by a dual block, single linear guide system (a dual block/dual guide system for TV 140) which ensures high precision and high rigidity.


The ‘TK’ series linear units are made entirely of steel which allows high load capacity and high precision positioning and repeatability with very compact dimensions. This series can be dimensionally interchanged with other popular ball screw driven actuators.


All mounting surfaces and references are adjusted so as to ensure a high degree of dimensional accuracy. A ball screw drive is used to transmit the force and position repeatability.



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