Rollon – Compact Rail


Rollon roller slider system with radial ball bearing rollers


Compact Rail is the product family of roller sliders with guide rails made of cold-drawn roller bearing carbon steel. The raceways are located on the inside of a C-profile, thus protecting them from soiling.

Fixed bearing rail, compensating bearing rail and compensation rail enable combinations for all applications in which deviations in parallelism must be compensated in one or two planes.

There are five different sizes of guide rails and many different version and lengths of the slide bearing.


  • Compact size
  • Corrosion resistant surface
  • Not sensitive to dirt due to internal tracks
  • Hardened and ground raceways
  • Custom design TR-rail, also ground on the back of the rail and one side surface
  • Self-aligning in two planes
  • Quieter than recirculating ball systems
  • High operating speeds
  • Wide temperature range
  • Easy adjustment of slider in the guide rail
  • Zinc plated surface, on request chemically nickel plated


Ideal applications:

  • Cutting machines
  • Medical technology
  • Packaging machines
  • Photographic lighting equipment
  • Construction and machine technology (doors, protective covers)
  • Robots and manipulators
  • Wood and paper industry
  • Automotion
  • Handling


Product details:

  • Three rail types, T-, K- and U-profile, in fixed/compensating bearing operation (T-U or K-U) for compensation of production tolerances, for example in machine enclosures
  • Compact installation dimensions of the roller slider system due to internal raceways
  • Two slider types, N series with aluminium die-cast body, C series with steel body
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Resistant to soiling
  • Suitable for traversing speeds of up to 9 m/s
  • Sizes of the roller sliders: 18, 28, 35, 43, 63 mm in rail width
  • Pre-stress adjustable


Compact Rail products:

Fixed bearing rails (TR-rails)
The TR rail is also available as a custom design. The TR rail is ground on the back of the rail and one side surface to allow for a closer mating onto the surface.

Floating bearing rails (U-rails)
The floating bearing rails are used for load bearing of radial forces and in combination with the fixed bearing rail or compensation rail, as a support bearing for occuring moments.

Compensation bearing rails (K-rails)
The compensation bearing rails are used for the load bearing of radial and axial foces. Tolerance compensation in two planes can be implemented in combination with thhe compensating rail.

 System (T+U-system)
The combination of fixed bearing rail and floating bearing rail allows for deviations in parallelism.

System (K+U-system)
The combination of compensation rail and floating bearing rails allows for deviations in parallelism and height offset.

Constructed with a closed, chemically nickel plated aluminium die cast body that is available for sizes 18, 28m 43 and 63. Spring preloaded wipers and a self-lubrication kit are integrated in the end caps (except for size 18). Configurable with three rollers as standard, in sizes 28 and 43 a longer carriage with up to five rollers is also available.

Constructed with zinc-plated steel body and sturdy qipers (optional) made of polyamidw. Available for all sizes. Depending on the load case, slider is configurable with up to six rollers.

Constructed with asymmetrocal zinc-plated steel body and sturdy wipers (optional) made of polyamide. With this design the fixing of the moving parts can be upwards or downwards. The slider is available for sizes 28, 35 and 43. Available with three or five rollers, depending on load case and load direction ser with the corresponding configuration.

Also available individually in all sizes. Available as eccentric or concentric rollers. Optionally available with splash-proof plastic seal (2rs) or with steel cover disc.

Wipers are available for slider types CS and CD, and are made of sturdy polyamide. They keep the raceways free of comtamination and thus ensure a longer service life.

Alignment fixture
The alignment fixture AT / AK is used during installation of joined rails for precise alignment of the rail transition from one to another.




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