Rollon – Mini Mono Railmini-MRS+rail_1

Miniature Mono Rails are profile rails with two rows of recirculating balls


The running grooves are ground in gothic arch profile and have a contact angle of 45° so that the same load capacity is guaranteed in all principle directions. Use of large steel balls enables high load and moment capacities despite limited available space.


  • Unique ball return circulation
  • Integrated ball reverse for improved running properties and increased speeds
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Their profile rails are equipped with efficient end seals on both sides of the carriage
  • High system rigidity


Ideal applications:

  • Medical technology
  • Semi-conductor and electric industry
  • Construction and machine technology (e.g. Pick & Place multi-axis systems)


Mini Mono Rail product explanation:

Standard width
Compact technology and high performance in its smallest structural shape.

Large width
Wide miniature profile rails, with a compact size, allows the acceptance of higher forces and moments. Especially suited for single rail applications.

Unique ball return circulation
The return channels and redirection for the stainless steel balls are made completely out of plastic. The efficient design principle reduces contact between the balls and the metal body. This is turn reduces the generation of noise during operation. The well-thought-out lubricating principle with lubricant reservoir integrated in the ball recirculation increases the time between lubrication intervals.

Integrated redirection
During the carriage movements, the plastic end caps are subjected to permanent shocks caused by the continious change of direction of movement. These shock loads have a critical influence on the running properties and speed. Automation and production demands of modern industry call for high operating speeds. The integrated ball redirection, i.e. the direct connection of ball redirection and body, creates an optimum solution for the miniature profile rails.




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