Rollon – Telescopic Rail

Telescopic linear bearings for a high load capacity


The Telescopic Rails with caged ball bearings have a high load capacity and reduced deflection. They have optimal running properties due to inductively hardened raceways. Telescopic Rail linear slides exhibit little deflection while under very heavy loads, even when fully extended.


  • Telescopic guides come in six different series (DS/DSC, DE, DBN, DMS, ASN, DRT)
  • Torsionally rigid intermediate elements with S-shaped, double-T, or squared sections
  • Over-extending, full or partial telescopic strokes are available
  • In the DMS63 Series the supported load can reach 2,000kg per pair.
  • Extremely low deflection and smoothness of movement even in high load, 24/7 applications
  • Some Series can be locked in the closed position
  • Special versions and strokes available upon request


The Telescopic Rail product family includes full or partial extraction telescopic rails, and consists of six (6) different sizes. The deflection resistant central components are available in the S, double T or square versions. All series components offer a high load capacity, a minimum deflection and a sliding travel with no play, even under maximum load and when the rails are fully extended. The fixing holes are positioned at a standard pitch.


The products of the Telescopic Rail family are:


ASN – Partial extension consisting of a guide rail and a slider.

DE – Full extension telescopic guides consisting of two guide rails, mounted together to form the intermediate element, and two sliders, which act as a fixed and movable element.

DS – Full extension telescopic guides consisting of two guide rails made of fixed and movable element and an S-shaped intermediate element.

DSC – Full extension telescopic guides consisting of a compact and rigid intermediate element that connects two different sized guide rails with each other as a fixed and moving element.

DBN – Full extension telescopic guides consisting of two guide rails, which act as both fixed, and movable element, and two sliders mounted together form the intermediate element.

DMS – Heavy load telescopic guides consisting of elements from the ASN series and an extremely rigid double-T profile as intermediate element.

DRT – Full extension telescopic guides consisting of the S-shaped intermediate element from DS series and parts of the Compact Rail roller slider system.



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