Price Freeze on Rexroth Linear Motion Products

January can often mean yearly price increases for many manufacturers, unfortunately this means that our prices must follow. However, to beat the January blues at Gerald Summers we have put a price freeze on all stocked Bosch Rexroth products from our Linear range. This means that until 1st February 2018, all Bosch Rexroth items remain at 2017’s prices. We can offer a huge range of Bosch Rexroth linear motion products available from stock, including:

  • Linear Ball Carriages
  • Linear Rails
  • Roller Carriages
  • Ball Nuts
  • Ball Bushings

Not only this, but we have recently INCREASED our stock hold of Bosch Rexroth products due to the increased demand for quality Linear items; all this stock is also available for same day despatch.
For more information, visit our website: Alternatively you can contact us directly by calling: 0800 055 663 or emailing:

Jim Saunders Presented With Award For 25 Years Of Service

Congratulations to Jim Saunders, who was presented with his 25 year service award last month, in recognition of his dedication to Summers.

Jim joined Summers in May 1992, after getting tired of the same daily routine in his previous role as a stock controller. A month after joining Summers, Jim got married, and whilst on honeymoon he told his wife that he would stick with the job for a year, so that it would look good on his CV. And here he is, 25 years on!

With an unparalleled knowledge of bearings and linear motion, Jim is an all-rounder when it comes to Summers’ stock range, and attributes this expertise to the in-house training that he has received at Summers.

Key projects that have stood out for Jim during his career at Summers include supplying bearings to the Harry Potter film franchise, and helping with the Foggy Patronas racing team, which was founded by ex-world motorcycle champion, and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here star, Carl Fogarty. However, Jim also claims that as he never got to meet any of the Harry Potter stars, or Carl Fogarty, these highlights of his career could actually be lowlights!

When asked about his opinion of Summers, Jim commented “To me, I think Summers stands out for its professionalism, discretion and personable approach, to not just its customers but to other trade suppliers and manufacturers.”

Congratulations to Jim on his 25 years of service, and we look forward to many more to come!


Jim 25 Year Service

NSK Launches ‘Stronger Than Ever’ Ball Screw

NSK Launches ‘Stronger Than Ever’ Ball Screw

NSK has launched the newly developed S-HTF ball screw, which offers a 220% improvement on service life, along with 1.3 times greater dynamic load capacity than its predecessor.

These significant improvements are thanks to ‘Tough Steel’, which has been specially developed by NSK to deliver maximum performance.

As demand for plastic products grows, the pressure which is placed on manufacturers to produce more products in less time puts extreme strain on machine components. Components are forced to work faster and often with greater force, in order to reduce cycle times and increase productivity.

The S-HTF ball screw has been designed with high-load applications in mind, for example forming presses and plastic injection moulding machines, in order to meet this demand.

The high purity of Tough Steel, along with a special heat treatment, creates a more resistant surface on the screw shaft. This means that cracks are unable to develop from indentations caused by rolling over particles of contamination. Instead, the surface is smoothed out by the roll-over pressure.

Tough Steel is already being used in NSK’s rolling bearings with great success, and has received an influx of positive feedback.

The S-HTF ball screw series is currently available in 21 variations, with shaft diameters ranging from 50 to 100 mm, and leads of 10 to 60mm, depending on diameter.


Summers® Invest In Straight Forward Linear Supplier

Watford, Hertfordshire, 17th March 2017

SUMMERS® has signed a deal to distribute the full range of NSK linear motion products, including linear guides and carriages, ball screws, and actuators and other linear motion accessories.

Expanding on their already impressive linear motion range, SUMMERS has invested in a large stock holding of NSK linear rail and carriages, which will be available for same day despatch. They also have a same day linear rail cutting service, with the vision of eliminating the long lead times often found in the industry.

Asked about the launch, Terry McDonald, Sales Manager of SUMMERS, said “SUMMERS are very proud to announce the new distributorship of NSK linear, which complements our existing range of NSK and RHP bearings. We are excited to combine NSK’s world-class linear motion products with our technical expertise, to provide our customers with the highest possible levels of service.”

About Summers:

Established over 70 years ago, SUMMERS has built a reputation as a reliable and trusted specialist in the supply of bearings and linear motion products. Focusing on five core manufacturers enables SUMMERS to carry an impressive stockholding, provide a high level of technical assistance, and demonstrate expert product awareness.

For more information, contact Terry McDonald at Summers:

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This August, we are offering up to 86% off INA housing units at Summers!


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Euro 2016 Competition Winner

Before the start of Euro 2016, we launched a competition to win an Apple watch. Entrants had to predict who would be the winner of each group, as well as who would win overall.

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the competition is Matt Clarke from Steel City Bearings, who is extremely happy with his new Apple watch!

Thank you to everyone that entered. We hope you all enjoyed taking part, and watching the game!



Rollon extends the Curviline family with two new versions

Carbon steel with hardened raceways and stainless steel Aisi 316L

Rollon has introduced two new versions of the Curviline rail for difficult premises presenting specific needs in terms of loading capacity, duration and resistance to challenging environmental conditions and vibrations, ranging from the food
industry to medical devices and the railway sector.

Curviline is the family of linear curved rails with either constant or variable radius proposed by Rollon in the extensive portfolio of Linear Line solutions. This product family features the possibility of creating rails with any curvature radius,
starting from a minimum radius of 120mm. “Product customisation has always been a key factor of Rollon’s offer,” says Andrea Tosi, Technical Director of the Italian multinational with head office based in Vimercate (MB), “the result of
our Technical Department’s expertise in finding dedicated solutions for every application required by the client.”
Curviline is a rail with bearings that perfectly concretises the concepts of customisation and versatility. Unlike similar products with a fixed radius range, Rollon offers customers the Technical Department’s services to create a totally custom-made solution, from the curvature radius to the holes on the rail, even in a single piece. The rails are available in two widths (16.5 and 23 mm), and can be adjusted into any profile by alternating curved and straight sections. Every section has a maximum length of 3,240 mm but can be easily linked to produce rails of any length to meet customer requirements.
For each curved and straight version, Rollon has designed a dedicated slider that can perfectly follow the path, maintaining constant preload with speeds that can reach 1.5 m/s depending on the applications. Finally, the curved rail developed by Rollon is distinguished by compatibility for uses that envisage both axial and radial loads, depending on the installation and position of the rail itself. Curviline rails are intended for special applications, ranging from the
movement of protective guards or other accessory parts present on machine tools to toilet doors on trains, from medical devices for opticians and dental technicians to film shooting trolleys.

New versions: hardened raceways and stainless steel

Rollon has recently enriched the Curviline family with two new versions of the rail, specifically one made of stainless steel and one presenting hardened raceways. The original version of the Curviline rail is made of carbon steel C43 and the raceways are not hardened. This rail has met with remarkable success that has generated requests for its application in various sectors, especially in difficult, highly challenging environments presenting specific hygiene and anti-corrosion requirements, such as the food and medical devices industries.

By maintaining the same performance standards as the original rail, Rollon has created a new corrosion-resistant version by using the high performance steel AISI 316L. “AISI 316L steel is the strong point of the latest Curviline rail as it ensures corrosion-resistance standards that are clearly higher than products marketed by the competition,” says Tosi. To ensure high performance and optimise the product’s visual effect in corrosive environments, after processing, the rails are decontaminated with pickling and passivation to remove all processing residue that would unavoidably undergo oxidation. AISI 316L steel is naturally used both for rails and sliders.
The second novelty proposed by Rollon is Curviline with hardened raceways that respond to the dual goal of ensuring higher loading capacity and longer duration, and of managing configurations that include multiple sliders. The hardened version also offers greater resistance to vibrations in the most extreme applications. The main targets of the new rail are the packaging industry and the railway sector, the former in terms of duration and loading capacity, the latter especially for the strong incidence of vibrations. The main challenge for Rollon designers was to define the right degree of hardening depth in order to adequately harden the raceways while maintaining the necessary flexibility for the next bend of the rail. In the version with hardened raceways, the Curviline rail can have a minimum curvature radius of 300 mm (for section 01 from 16.5 mm) or 400 mm (for section 05 from 23 mm).

Targeted Solutions

The new versions of the Curviline rail further consolidate Rollon’s position in specific linear movement niches, which require rails that are resistant to both corrosion and vibrations, and that are extremely flexible and able to manage misalignments of several millimetres. A typical example is the work site where Rollon rails are used for all accessory movements, ranging from the hatch to the screen, from the top closure to the scuttle. Considering an entirely different sector, the underfloor of railway carriages is characterised by strong vibrations and corrosion, dirt and extreme temperature changes, situations in which Rollon rails are highly demanded and effective. “We have applied the same
approach to the most diverse industrial sectors and found that our rails can solve serious problems in many environments,” says Andrea Tosi. “The latest versions of the Curviline rail are the final piece of the diversification and customisation strategy promoted by Rollon. We have conveyed a decisive thrust with the recent acquisition of Tecno Center, which was finalised last January.”

A New Range of Linear Motion Products for the Packaging Industry

Following Rollons’ acquisition of Techno Centre in January, Rollon announce a new range of Linear Motion products that strengthen Rollon’s range in many fields, starting with the packaging industry. The new products were first exhibited at the Ipack-Ima international fair in Milan on the 19 – 23rd May. Among the most important products are the SYS1 and SYS2 type & the ZMC model of the Modline Z family.

The benefits on an actuator and a guide are combined into one product

Something between a linear guide and an actuator, the SYS model, of which two versions are available, offers the advantages of both solutions combined with great versatility of use. Its aluminium profile and carriage with bearings that characterise this product are usually operated by a rack and pinion system, creating a compact linear axis device, with excellent performance even on very long strokes.

However there can also be a different interpretation of this versatile system. Thanks to its aluminium profile, the SYS version without drive and with free carriage can be used effectively as a linear guide in all respects, but with a big advantage; it is in fact a self supporting system, which does not need to be mounted on any additional structure and can be used effectively in pick & place applications or automation, with advantages in terms of simplicity of design of the machines, surface preparation and installation. This directly reduces production costs for the machines it is used in, while providing a high-performance solution – this is ideal for fields such as packaging, where simplicity, speed and lightness are fundamental.

The SYS1 model with an external slider in available in all four rail sections; 50, 100, 130 and 180mm. The SYS2 model an internal is available in the 200mm rail section. The SYS model supports accelerations up to 2 m/s2 and a repeatability of +0.05mm.

An Actuator which allows the reduction of consumption and more compact units

The top solution of the Modline Z family of products, ZMC – an actuator for use with vertical toothed belt drive and ball bearing guides. It is characterised by a counterbalance system controlled by a pneumatic cylinder. This patented solution, placed inside the rail section of the actuator, eases the handling of heavy loads and makes is possible to use smaller motors, resulting in consumption and more compact units. Since it is located inside and near the axis of the system, it does not produce potentially burdensome internal torque/moments of force.

The ZMC linear axis is used in palletising and pick & place systems and is available in a single 105mm rail section. It supplies accelerations of up to 25m/s2 and a maximum repeatability of +0.05mm.

NSK’s Next Generation Linear Guides Available from Summers

NSK’s LH & LS series have been replaced by new NSK linear guides – NH & NS linear guides.NSK-150px

With NSK’s cumulated state of the art technology, the standard linear guides have been reborn as a new series. Based on yhr LH & LS series characterised by reliability and performance, NSK have attained a significant increase in durability. Inheriting the interchangable capability and the use of the ‘NSK K1′ lubrication unit, they are the new linear guides, easy to use for any kind of machine.

Features of the new series:

1. Excellent Durability
-Longer-life – twice as long as compared with that of conventional series.
- Maintenance free
- NSK K1 lubrication unit (see brochure for further information)

2. Easy-to-use
- Interchangable rail and ball slides
- Robust design to absorb mounting errors
- Abundant options
- All mounting dimensions are the same as those for the LH & LS series

For more information download their brochure here.



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