Rollon Announces New Acutuator Line

After the recent aRollon Linear Logocquisition of Turin-based Techno Center, Rollon has reached a new phase of linear actuators that are advanced, sophisticated and complementary to Rollon’s traditional range of actuators, placing the group in first place in Europe for the breadth of its linear motion portfolio.

The new Tecno Center solutions are mainly multi-axes systems with a very high level of customization starting from the needs of the customer. With these new products the range of linear axes available increases, reaching up to a section of 360 mm and 2 t of maximum load on a single axis.

Download the new brochure here.
New linear series


















Beat the Bosch Rexroth Price Increase with Summers


Bosch Rexroth announced that they would be increasing their prices from January 2015. However, Gerald Summers will be selling all Bosch Rexroth items at 2014 prices until Monday 2nd March 2015.

As the largest stockist of Bosch Rexroth in the UK, Gerald Summers has over 1000 designs and variations of Bushings & Carriages to meet all demands and variations – all remaining the same price throughout February – get stocked up before the price goes up!

Gerald Summers has over 900 Ball Carriages in stock in 150 different styles, precision grades and preloads as well as over 70 roller carriages in stock in 20 different styles, precision grades and preloads.

Summers World Cup Competition … And The Winner Is….



Before the start of the 2014 World Cup we sent out a competition asking people to pick the winners of all the 8 groups, and to pick the overall World Cup Winner.

After receiving over 170 entries, the end of the group stages narrowed the competition down to just five people, all guessing 7 out of 8 correct group winners. As neither of the final five initially predicted Germany would win the Cup, the lucky winner was picked at random.

We are pleased to announce that Jason Osbourne of Hayley Northern has been the lucky winner and is extremely happy with his new iPad mini.

Many thanks to all the entrants, and well done to the other finalists. We hope you all enjoyed playing (and watching) the game.

P.S… Only 23 months to go until the Euro 2016.

Summers Announce Rollon Distributorship

Rollon-Linear-LineGerald Summers is now an authorised distributor for Rollon – a leading manufacturer in linear motion. Rollon specialise in the design and manufacture of linear rails, telescopic rails and linear actuators.

Their comprehensive product portfolio consists of high performance linear guides and ready-to-install linear axes, providing effective and reliable solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.

The deal will see Gerald Summers being able to provide the full range of Rollon products, including their most popular items, Compact Rail, X-Rail and Telescopic Rail. With Rollon being stocked in the UK at Gerald Summers, customers can order today and get same day despatch.

Terry McDonald, Sales Manager at Gerald Summers, explains: “We’re excited here at Gerald Summers to build this new relationship with Rollon. We’re privileged that we were able to demonstrate to Rollon that we had the capabilities to provide an authorised, traceable route for their products to enter the main distribution channels here in the UK.”

When buying Rollon products through Gerald Summers, customers can be assured that they will receive proven reliable technology that is easy to install, which could lead to savings in installation costs.

Terry McDonald continues: “As part of our dedication to excellent customer service, we have invested in Rollon stock to make the ordering process even quicker and easier for our customers.”

For more information, call Geral Summers on: 0800 055 6663.

Win an iPad mini – 2014 World Cup Competition

To support the 2014 World Cup Tournament, we are hosting our own World Cup Competition and you could walk away with an iPad mini!
For your chance to win, email your predictions for all the group winners.


Group A                                                                             
Group B                                                                             
Group C                                                                             
Group D                                                                             
Group E                                                                             
Group F                                                                             
Group G                                                                             
Group H                                                                             


The winner will be the person with the most group winners. In case of a tie, please complete the tie breaker:


World Cup Winner                                                     


Email Gerald Summers with your predictions.
Or fax: 01923 252 342


*All entries must be in by Friday 13th June.*


Get your FREE World Cup Wall Planner

We’ve also put together a World Cup Match Plan Poster so you won’t miss out on any of the action! If you’d like to receive a hard copy of the poster, please email Terry McDonald. *While stocks last.*


Download the wall planner here.

NSK Announce List Price Increase

NSK have announced they will increase their UK retail list prices from 1st September 2012.

In a letter to Gerald Summers, NSK stated “NSK has made every effort to manage the increasing costs which impact our business through improving efficiencies and internal countermeasures. Unfortunately, NSK cannot continue to absorb these rising costs. NSK will therefore increase its UK retail list price by an average 7%


NSK’s constant bearing improvement programme has achieved a 30% improvement in efficiency for its greased sealed-for-life deep groove ball bearings, compared to conventional ball bearings of the same size. This major saving is helping to reduce energy use in high consumption equipment as electric motors, air conditioners and domestic appliances.

The 30% improvement in efficiency is the result of a synergy of materials, design, lubrication and sealing technology. Through its developments in the materials technology for ball bearings, NSK has shown that improvements in steel cleanliness (principally reducing the number of non metallic inclusions in a steel) strongly correlates with an improved fatigue limit of bearing steel. NSK has acted upon these results, improving the steel making process and operating conditions to reduce impurities substantially, thereby achieving a decrease in oxide non-metallic inclusions. The resulting long-life steel is Z Steel, which is now the standard material for NSK’s ball bearings.

Bearings manufactured from Z Steel have a significantly extended service life when compared to conventional vacuum degassed steel: up to 1.8 times longer. In addition, Z steel also benefits from more uniform response to heat treatment, a process that ensures good hardness and excellent wear resistance.

Like new materials technology, surface optimisation plays a key role in achieving increased efficiency. However, surface optimisation goes further by reducing the energy-consuming friction that impairs efficiency and ultimately leads to wear. For a surface design to ensure reduced friction and longer bearing life, machining processes (barrelling and honing) as well as surface roughness play important roles.

A good surface geometry leads to optimum oil film formation, while the machining processes ensure good compressive stress levels and high resistance to abrasion and excessive wear.

The raceways of NSK’s ball bearings are specially honed to reduce operating friction and to reduce noise. In addition, the better lubricant distribution that results from this operation also ensures longer operating life.

Complementing the role of surface optimisation, improved bearing design, provided by a unique combination of cage and bearing balls, also contributes greatly to improved efficiency. The pressed steel cages used on NSK’s ball bearings have close coined pockets and tightly controlled clearances to reduce friction and ensure even distribution of lubricant. The balls optimise this combination with their almost perfect levels of sphericity, minimising friction with their precision surface finish. They are ground on machines designed and manufactured by NSK specifically for the purpose, hence the consistent super-precision finish that also helps the bearings deliver maximum service life.

In addition to materials technology and design, NSK has also achieved incremental improvement in the efficiency of its ball bearings with improved low torque seals and lubricants – in particular, greases. NSK’s experience with electrical motors, and the automotive industry, which has had a historic requirement for low torque bearings to ensure efficient cold starts, has proved pivotal in the lubrication area. Originally developed for use on induction motor bearings, NSK’s NS7 grease is a Polyolester diester type, which is superior in low-torque characteristics to maximise energy efficiency in the operation of ball bearings used in motors, pumps, air conditioners and compressors.

Grease, of course is retained within bearings by seals and shields, and these units also play a role in energy conservation: a seal or shield that is too tight a fit will lead to friction in a bearing and consequent energy loss. The challenge in the bearing market has been to develop high- speed seals, which minimise bearing friction.

This has led NSK to develop its V type seal. The V seal is a design innovation that seals effectively without an increase in torque or operating temperature. It has better sealing capability than a shield, and a speed capability comparable to that of a shielded bearing.

The non-contact lip of the V design reduces drag in the bearing – an important advantage where power loss is critical, as in small electrical motors.

In addition to ball bearings for general applications, NSK has also developed low torque ball bearings that help to reduce the power consumption of domestic appliances. These types of bearings have the same outside diameters and width as the global standard 608 ball bearings, but have improved internal specifications. Although the dynamic load of the new bearings is lower, this is not a problem as low torque is the main consideration. That this is achieved is evidenced by the fact that torque for these bearings is 40% to 50% lower than that of conventional bearings.



 Congratulations to Mike from Grimsby Transmissions!


Mike showing off his new IPad

We had an overwhelming response to the competition with over 150 entries! Entrants had to correctly name all four winners of the Euro 2012 groups, but the Czech Republic caught most people out when they won their group, with only 11 people correctly naming them as the winners of Group A:

Group A: Czech Republic

Group B: Germany

Group C: Spain

Group D: England

All the correct entries were put in a hat and the lucky winner was drawn at random.

We would like to thank everyone who entered and also offer our congratulations to Mike, we hope you enjoy your new IPad3!

Mike showing off his new IPad


NSK Ltd. announced that it has developed a more compact, lightweight, longer-lasting lipped thrust needle roller bearing for use in automatic transmissions.

Low viscosity transmission oil is commonly used today to improve transmission efficiency, but this creates lubrication challenges. NSK’s new product is designed for outstanding performance in severe lubrication conditions and also helps to improve fuel economy.SK Ltd. announced that it has developed a more compact, lightweight, longer-lasting lipped thrust needle roller bearing for use in automatic transmissions.

Development background

In recent years, automakers looking to improve fuel economy, reduce gear shift shock and raise power transmission efficiency have increasingly turned to multi-stage automatic transmissions. Low viscosity transmission oil is often employed in these transmissions to reduce agitation resistance, which has a negative impact on transmission efficiency. This type of oil presents lubrication challenges for the thrust needle bearings typically used in transmissions. Meanwhile, demand is rising for more compact, lightweight transmission bearings that can help improve fuel economy in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). But when HEVs run on the electric motor alone, the oil pump sometimes stops, which in turn means that the thrust needle bearings in the transmission have to function on lean lubrication. NSK’s new lipped thrust needle roller bearing will help improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions by meeting the need for more compact and lightweight bearings that are more than ready for demanding automotive applications. Product features are summarised below.


Product features

Thickness greater than 2.5 mm, made possible by using a steel material with improved press workability

The new product is made of NSK’s proprietary PCR5 steel material, which features improved toughness achieved by reducing the amount of carbon and silicone and increasing the amount of chrome. This enabled the new product to be press worked despite having a thickness greater than 2.5 mm.


NSK’s propriety PCR5 steel—employed in the lipped thrust race—has been carbonitrided for enhanced toughness, surface hardness and fatigue strength.


  1.  Service life at least three times longer than a conventional thrust race
  2.  20% more compact and lightweight than a conventional thrust race
  3.  Usable under challenging, low viscosity oil lubrication conditions, such as in HEVs


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