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Rollon – A leading manufacturer in linear motion.

Rollon specialise in the design and manufacture of linear rails, telescopic rails and linear actuators. SUMMERS® is an authorised Rollon distributor. Rollon Compact Rail and X Rail are available from stock ready for same day dispatch. All Rollon products are available from SUMMERS.

The Rollon range consists of three product lines that provide effective solutions for a wide range of industries and application. These include aerospace, railway, medical, special vehicles, automation and industrial machinery.

Linear Line

Rollon’s Linear line is a range of dedicated linear motion rails. The range includes roller guides and recirculating ball bearing carriages. Rails and sliders are available in various profiles, sizes and types to suit all applications.

Telescopic Line

The Rollon Telescopic Rail product line is made up of eight models with full and partial extension, with various cross-sections and intermediate elements, in S-shape, double T or square. High loads, in combination with cost-efficiency and free movement, have long been the outstanding properties of the Telescopic Rail product line.

Actuator Line

The Rollon Actuator line is dedicated to linear actuators and linear motion systems. Their linear units feature extruded aluminium profile, and are available in different types of belt and ball screw driven models and configurations.


If you would like further information on Rollon products, please visit their website.